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Patient Reviews

Patient reviews from actual Peachtree OMS patients, using Demand Force.

From a patient who hates going to the dentist, I can say with certainty that Dr. Demo and his entire staff have raised the bar. They are caring, professional, patient, and know exactly what they are doing. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Joseph Panetta


I don't think anyone WANTS to have a tooth pulled, but whenever I need any kind of Oral Surgery, I can honestly say that I look forward to going to Dr. Marks, because I know he can fix whatever is wrong quickly and (yes) painlessly. Not only is he amazingly good at what he does, his gentle, reassuring manner and humor always leave me saying "Is that it? Are you really done?" I have recommended Dr. Marks to several friends, and even to strangers I have met in the elevator at the office building. I also urged the valet on my recent visit to go to Dr. Marks to have his wisdom teeth extracted -- something he said he knows he will need to do soon. The office staff is uniformly helpful, professional and cheerful, and the new office is bright, open and comfortable. (They even seem to always play MY favorite music!) I apologize for gushing, but I'm definitely a fan!

Marguerite Labouisse


Having a tooth pulled as an adult is an anxiety-provoking experience. The staff and Dr. Demo did everything they could to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Although I hope not to need such services anytime soon, I would absolutely return to Dr. Demo if I did.

Stacey Dougan


The experience was the best. Great, friendly staff. Oral surgeon was efficient, but took time to talk to me one on one, not just "open your mouth" "do this" "do that". Personable. I love the technology. It makes the experience easier. High tech and high touch. Perfect combination. Great post op instructions. I was given time to ask questions and go over their written instructions. I will recommend them to people as often as I can.

Judith Antinucci


Professional, caring, attention to detail are what sets this practice apart. Would highly recommend.

Claire Snyder


Excellent care, called me at home after my surgery to follow-up. I had implant done on one of my front teeth and it was quick and done with a local. I had no need for pain medication after. I wore my head phones and listened to music which I recommend. I think It's something that could be recommended to patients. 

Ann Blanchette


I was referred by my dentist and Dr. Marks got me in on short notice and performed the surgery quickly. Excellent staff as well.

Gay Moore


This was my first time to ever need an oral surgeon, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but Dr. Demo and the entire staff were great! I was very anxious this visit, (extraction) but will be much more relaxed and prepared for the implant procedure.



Very professional ! Everyone was pleasant, caring, and informant. I felt if anything developed I had backup.

Janice Watkins


Dr. Demo and his team are incredibly professional and informative. I am also in the field of dentistry and chose Dr. Demo and his practice after numerous Dentists and colleagues suggested I see him. I had 4 (3 bony) impacted wisdom teeth pulled and a day or two later I'm feeling great. I can see and feel the quality of his skills. I will continue to suggest anyone with oral surgery needs, to put their treatment in Dr. Demo and Dr. Marks skilled hands.

Daniel Rodriguez


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